Top 4 Technology Trends for 2016

2015 was a year of exciting technological advancements, from the rise of self-driving cars to smart devices and numerous applications for a sharing economy.  If 2015 was any indication of the impending future, we should no doubt expect a thrilling year ahead.  Below we outline the top 4 technology trends for 2016.

Smarter Networks

2015 brought us an explosion of smart devices, from wearable health monitors to smart appliances and home electronics for what has become known as the Internet of Things era. The problem is, given the infancy of the technology they have all mostly operated in relative isolation from one another. In 2016, we should see not only increasing capabilities and applications, but greater cooperation between devices for smoother, more cohesive, interaction.

Seamless User Experiences

Given more seamless interaction between smart devices as mentioned above, we will see the foundation set for even greater and truly immersive user experiences, blending our physical and digital worlds even further. In 2016, those who learn to best provide for user experiences that flow across devices will most prevail.

3D Printing

In 2015 we saw great and often astounding advances in 3D printing which can now utilize a large range of materials including metal, glass, and even biological materials. With that in mind, practical application for 3D printing is growing at an incredible rate across all sectors. We should see considerable growth in not only the coming year, but many years to come. It will be exciting to see just how far the technology will progress.

Machine Learning

Machine learning utilizes what are referred to as deep neural nets (DNNs) to create complex systems which can learn and perceive the world autonomously. These types of systems are not only revolutionary in terms of their potential applications, but are able to process and analyze enormous data sets in which manual analysis is just not possible. The most exciting part, however, lies in the fact that the technology will give rise to countless smart machine implementations including robots, self-driving vehicles, and more. As the technology advances even further in 2016, enterprises will be looking for a way to utilize it to gain significant competitive advantages.

tech trends for 2016