Top Software Development Trends of 2015

As the final months of 2015 begin to dwindle down, we outline the top software development trends of 2015 thus far.


It is without question, mobile technology is both our present and our future, ever evolving with expanded functionality, capabilities, and application by the day. It can be said, there is hardly a single industry on our planet which cannot be revolutionized, in some way, by its groundbreaking potentialities. With that in mind, we are witnessing a continued shift towards a mobile oriented world with unrelenting smartphone adoption and saturation worldwide. We should expect custom mobile application developments to continue to transform our world as we know it, in any and every genre.

Single Page Web Applications (SPAs)

In addition to an overall mobile shift, a revolution is taking place when it comes to modern web development. Gone are the days of the weighty and cumbersome website of the past. Today’s web developments can take advantage of cutting-edge dynamic tools including HTML5, JavaScript, Backbone, and AngularJS for streamlined, fluid, responsive app-like experiences in the form of speedy single page web applications.

Cloud Computing

Today’s software developments are created with the cloud in mind. Cloud storage not only makes things easeful from a development standpoint but allows users to access information across all their devices, anytime, anywhere. It is without question we are heading towards a cloud based future, enabling ubiquitous real time access to computing resources on demand.

Internet of Things (IoT)

We are living in a world of incredible connection. Electronic devices connected to the web, cloud, and each other. An intricate web of dynamic cohesion, the internet of things era. With its rise, the challenge remains figuring out the best way to program these devices for greater, expanded application and control.


Wearables are continuing to proliferate in the market via smartwatches and other sensor based hardware and software technologies aiming to merge our physical and digital worlds. With that in mind, we are beginning to see some astounding applications demonstrating what is possible via the technology. From real time continuous glucose monitoring directly to our smartphones, to valuable patient data streamed in real time to Doctors, it will be interesting to see how the wearable industry further unfolds with time. Expect to see some exciting developments in the impending months.

software development trends of 2015