Top Mobile App Markets for 2015

2015 is likely to another unprecedented year for mobile app development!  Below we will outline what will likely be the top mobile app markets for 2015.


2014 was a year of significant strides for mobile commerce.  With consumers increasingly utilizing mobile apps to make purchases, e-commerce giants we’re forced to shell out millions in order to both meet consumer demand for well optimized mobile shopping environments, as well as to acquire valuable mobile market share amongst significant competition.   However, even with mobile purchasing on the rise, there is still a substantial proportion of consumers who utilize mobile as more of a channel of discovery, researching and weighing over products from the convenience of their mobile devices, before ultimately moving to a desktop to make final purchasing decisions.  The challenge in 2015 will be to continually streamline the mobile shopping experience with thoughtful and easy to use navigation and simple checkout, in order to encourage purchasing rather than simply browsing.  In addition, deep linking is likely to be huge in 2015, making mobile content searchable.  A deep link is one that will take you directly to a specific area within a mobile app, much like a specific page of a website.  This means that a consumer searching for a product, let’s say smartwatches in Google search, will be able to see links to relevant areas within their favorite mobile apps such as Best Buy and Amazon.  Clicking on the search result will open the app directly to the specified area, making in app purchasing even easier.


2014 brought tremendous success for Candy Crush and Clash of Clans, two monumentally popular mobile games dominating the app store.  Not only are they immense hits, but 75% of the top grossing apps on the App Store involve variations of the popular games, in addition to casino gaming apps.  Looking to their success, mobile app developers around the world are working feverishly to be the next Candy Crush, banking on similar success.  With mobile gaming becoming ever more popular by the day, the industry is not likely to slow down anytime soon.  2015 will be another year of significant competition, with mobile developers vying for worldwide success in a lucrative category.  It will be interesting to see which mobile games top the charts in 2015.

top mobile app markets 2015


In addition to the consumer driven categories mentioned above, enterprise app developments are on the rise as businesses recognize both the need and potential for mobile optimized tools to streamline the workplace.  With a vast majority of employees owning at least one smart device, many individual employees are looking to third party apps to increase productivity and utility in the workplace in an absence of adequate in house mobile tools.  Businesses need to survey their employees, see which apps are popular amongst their ranks, which apps are contributing to increased productivity, and consider custom mobile app developmentin order to fulfill needs that aren’t being met.  For instance, let’s say 75% of those polled are relying on some sort of outsourced CRM tool for task management via their own mobile devices.  There may be significant advantages to custom app development in order to add custom industry specific features not available with broader CRM tools available on the app stores.  Arming employees with custom tools will only serve to improve both the quality and efficiency of any enterprise.