Square Debuts New App: Square Order for Take-Out

Square has been leading the way in the mobile point of sale services sector with their square dongle and register products, making strong headway with local merchants over the last few years.  In an effort to grab a larger piece of the pie, Square has just debuted their newest app, Square Order, allowing patrons to order food for pickup with ease through their mobile phones, without the necessity for local vendors to have their own standalone mobile apps.  The release comes as they have quietly removed Square Wallet from the app stores, marking a new era for the company as they move in new directions.

Although they will still support avid users of Square Wallet as they continue use, Square has opted to move into a more fruitful space for more substantial revenue streams, aiming to be a one stop provider for local merchants in a more comprehensive way.  It is no surprise they made the leap to the restaurant sector, as the restaurant industry proves a perfect fit for their focus on capturing the attention of small business entities.  In fact, 7 out of every 10 restaurants in the US operates as a single unit.

The app allows users to browse a list of food merchants located near them, tap to view business details and to-go menus with detailed item descriptions, add items to order with notes, followed by a quick click to order using a desired payment account stored securely in app.  The app will then send an alert when the order is ready.  Its mobile food ordering for pick up at its finest, targeting an industry that is so habitually a part of our daily rituals, such as picking up lunch on the run or dinner during our daily commutes.

square order mobile app

While still in beta, Square Order is focusing on getting adoption, encouraging users to log in and request their restaurants and cities for the service.  In order for it to be truly useful, they will need wide-spread adoption so that users have a wide selection of nearby merchants to choose from no matter where they are.  Although targeting the restaurant sector initially, the mobile app will likely prove highly scaleable, applicable to any type of business with possibilities for pickup, including products, not just food.