Single Page Web Application Development

As a custom web application development company, we specialize in single page web application development (SPA). A single page web application is just as it sounds—a web app that fits on a single HTML web page, however, his concept can be rather confusing to some, as they take the word page too simplistically. Below we will shed some light on the logistics of SPAs and what exactly they entail.

When we say page, it does mean the four walled view you see on screen, however, with a typical website, menu options lead you off to alternative pages based on navigation. With single page web applications, there are not multiple pages, rather, the original rendering stays mostly the same while resources are loaded dynamically in response to user actions on screen. So although it is technically a single page, the user can interact with elements on the page that render based on actions, therefore, it’s a fully interactive app and not simply a static page.

SPAs are increasingly becoming the standard for web app development given their speed, fluidity, and native app like experiences. They are built in such a way that the majority of interactions are handled on the client side (browser), redrawing parts of the UI without the need to reach the server, providing for a faster and more interactive UI. In addition, their highly interactive nature makes for unparalleled user experiences.

application For today’s modern SPAs there are an abundance of proven web application development frameworks which developers utilize, including Backbone and AngularJS, to build great feature sets. The majority of these web application frameworks incorporate what is referred to as an MVC (model-view-controller) design pattern. In an MVC architecture, the model handles the fundamental behaviors and data of the application. It’s essentially the data-management aspect of the app. The view then provides the user interface element, rendering the data into what you see on screen. Lastly the controller receives the user input, making calls to the model and thus the view to render the desired output. All in all, these three components work together synergistically to create streamlined web application developments. Depending on the complexity of your application, your web app developer will utilize the appropriate frameworks to ensure a great overall experience.

If you are looking to build a modern web application, we are experts in the field. We can help you design, development, and implement the best solution for all your specific needs, requirements, and demands.