Mobile App Development in 2016

It is no question, mobile app development is a booming business. In fact, the United Nations reported that 85 percent of the world’s population (6 billion people) now have mobile phones. This staggering reality is enabling new business models and revolutionizing industries given startups and existing enterprises alike are looking for new uses for the technology. In order to be successful in such a world, here are a few tips for mobile app development in 2016.

Strategic Necessity

If you are looking to build a mobile app, keep in mind that today’s mobile users are notoriously demanding! Upon download they expect immediate benefit in order to solidify continued use. After all, statistics show one in four mobile apps are downloaded and never used again. With that in mind, a very careful and finely tuned strategy is paramount to ensure continued end user engagement.

Continuous Iteration

A lot of entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking that a soon as their mobile app development is ready for the app store, the end of the road has been reached. This is just not the case. Users expect regular updates, feature enhancements, new features, or other improvements over time in order to continuously build upon their experience. In today’s world, an app is never really complete. Even apps with fairly simple strategies, such as Snapchat, are always looking for ways to keep things interesting, such as enabling more filters and other enhancements.

mobile app development in 2016

Backend Integration

Not only is content king, but context is just as important. For that, integrating with backend systems for finely tuned and dynamic mobile experiences is now a necessity. For instance, it is not enough to simply let me browse your catalog through my mobile device. I want to be able to make a purchase the second I desire, whenever, anywhere that I am. Anything that I am able to do on the web, has to be enabled on mobile.