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Optimizing Public Transit through Mobile Devices

Public transit has been plagued with negative stigma over the past few decades, largely being seen as the ‘poor man’s vehicle’ or for those not economically capable of owning a personal automobile.  However, Generation Y has begun to shed some of these less than desirable connotations.  Generation Yer’s are notoriously socially conscious, re-evaluating past norms as champions for a greater good and are embracing alternative modes of transportation in an effort to protect the environment.  Young people, ages 18-34, are not only driving less than the average American adult but less than all previous generations.  The beauty is, these are the same individuals who are smartphone obsessed, with more than 80% owning at least one.  With that in mind, transportation authority’s looking to increase ridership should recognize the value in mobile app development to appeal to an increasingly younger, and overall digitally-hungry audience.
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