Monthly Archives: December 2015

Top 4 Technology Trends for 2016

2015 was a year of exciting technological advancements, from the rise of self-driving cars to smart devices and numerous applications for a sharing economy.  If 2015 was any indication of the impending future, we should no doubt expect a thrilling year ahead.  Below we outline the top 4 technology trends for 2016.
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The Importance of Wireframes for Mobile App Development

Many potential startups and entrepreneurs come to us looking to build a mobile application on a very tight budget given they often look to bootstrap the expense on their own. As a result, after receiving a quote, it’s not uncommon for them to look for ways to cut costs in any way they can. Their first instinct is often contemplating outsourcing visual design to a freelancer on the cheap or even on occasion toy with the idea of attempting to do the work themselves in order reduce overall expenses. This is totally understandable, however, is a very ill advised approach. Yes, this will reduce the overall scope of our work and therefore costs in the short term, but the minimal reduction in cost in the large scheme of things will prove a much steeper cost when it comes to user experience. Design may seem simplistic enough, but there is much more that comes into play than just a pretty exterior.

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