Monthly Archives: July 2015

Mobile App Branding Strategy

As a custom mobile app development company, we have designed and delivered countless mobile apps across a broad spectrum of industries, from retail to health monitoring, for both startups and enterprises alike. Given you partner with an experienced mobile app developer, development isn’t so much the challenge. We can develop pretty much anything your desire, as we live and breathe to create exceptional user experiences for our clients and do so well. The challenge, rather, lies in coupling a well-executed app with a great branding. After all, a great app is only as successful as its adoption and usage. In order to get your app into as many hands as possible, great branding makes all the difference. Typically your mobile app development partner will likely be able to help you with the process, but if you prefer to fine tune your mobile app branding on your own, we offer some tips and insights for creating a brand that is both memorable and impressionable for your users.
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Single Page Web Application Development

As a custom web application development company, we specialize in single page web application development (SPA). A single page web application is just as it sounds—a web app that fits on a single HTML web page, however, his concept can be rather confusing to some, as they take the word page too simplistically. Below we will shed some light on the logistics of SPAs and what exactly they entail.
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