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How to Choose a Mobile Operating System

As a custom mobile app development company, we get a lot of inquiries from interested entrepreneurs looking to build their first mobile apps. They come to us with high hopes and expectations, but more often than not without a lot of funding, mostly out of a lack of knowledge in both what they will need as well as how much it will cost. In these cases we often recommend developing for a single platform to start in order to reduce startup costs out the gate if budget is of real concern.
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Integrating Mobile Apps with Legacy Systems

Many companies have already begun to embrace the mobile app revolution, understanding the necessity of a mobile oriented future, by creating their first mobile apps or at minimum planning for future mobile app development. The struggle, however, for many an enterprise, lies in integrating those mobile apps with existing legacy systems already in place. Depending on the size and scale of the business, this could include upwards of 10+ existing systems. Regardless of whether they are used internally by employees, or used externally by customers, many realize the time has come to modernize their technological solutions for the mobile age, but are often met with many obstacles.
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Mobile App Marketing Strategy

If your mobile app development is getting close to reaching the app stores, congratulations! We know first-hand how exciting it can be! However, there is one final stage you need to make sure you have fully addressed before pulling the trigger—Marketing. Having a solid marketing plan in place before app release is what can often make or break a new mobile app . Many dive in thinking their app is a sure winner, disregarding marketing needs, however, it typically ends in a very rude awakening. Your app will not succeed unless you know how to get it in the hands of your targeted audience, and that takes time and effort in the form of a well laid out plan of marketing execution.  Below we will outline our tips for developing a mobile app marketing strategy.
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