Monthly Archives: October 2014

Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid During Mobile App Design

It is no surprise that mobile technology is not just the future, but the present.  The past few years have marked a complete technological shift as evidenced by not only substantial mobile uptake but an explosion of the app marketplace.  With that in mind many may dream of a day in which their app idea could potentially make it big.  The problem is, this kind of wishful thinking can fuel many with the urge to rush a finished product to the app store as fast as possible, faltering in the process.  As an experiencedmobile app developer we have too often had clients coming to us to fix a project gone wrong.  Below we will outline the top 10 mistakes to avoid during mobile app design so that you too don’t fall short of the goal line.
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A Mobile Uprising: Defining Mobile Strategy

We are currently in the midst of a digital revolution, experiencing the next generation of the web in the palm of our hands.  Not only does mobile technology allow for constant information access, no matter where we are, but has opened up a profound new channel of communication between the people and companies that matter most to us.  This channel is particularly transformative, however, because mobile devices are always with us, providing virtually uninterrupted access.
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