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Starbucks Surges with Mobile Payments

During a conference call with the WSJ on July 25th, 2013, Starbucks revealed just how successful mobile payment adoption has been among its customers in US locations since its roll-out in November of 2012.  Starbucks currently offers 2 methods for mobile purchases, both utilizing barcode scanning technology implemented through cloud based wallet-free features. Customers can pay either with their Starbucks card stored digitally in their handy Starbucks app, or through Square mobile wallet technology which allows mobile purchases via stored credit and debit cards in App.  Starbucks partnered with Square in an effort to increase both revenue potential by accepting wallet-free payments as well as to add convenience for its customer base and it looks like they are succeeding.
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Mobile Apps for Restaurants

The convenience of the mobile environment has spurred a consumer hunger to both search for and make restaurant dining decisions through their mobile devices.  The decision to dine is now a decision most make on the go, as restaurants remain the most searched for industry through both mobile phones and tablet devices.  With this in mind, restaurant owners should both pay close attention and take advantage of the immense opportunity custom mobile app development can bring to their businesses.  It is time for all restaurants to consider developing a mobile game plan, keeping several key features in mind when formulating a mobile app design strategy.
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The Insurgence of Mobile Commerce for Retailers

According to Nielsen, smartphones now account for almost half (49.7%) of all new phone purchases made in the U.S.  In addition, a record 52.5 million tablets were purchased worldwide in just the last quarter of 2012 alone.  When looking at the numbers, it is not hard to recognize the substantial implications for businesses as the percentage of people relying on and actively engaged with mobile devices grows by the minute. Taking part means increased revenue.  Plain and simple.  Now is the time for businesses to embrace the paradigm shift to the mobile age.
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iBeacons to Revolutionize Location Based Notifications

During Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June of 2013, Apple quietly announced their new iOS 7 platform with support for something they called iBeacon.  Although Apple had yet to provide any significant details about this groundbreaking new feature, the potential of such an intriguing new technology spurred insatiable interest among those playing close attention.
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Introducing Airdrop iOS 7

Apple’s iOS 7 has now made its way into the hands of millions of Apple loyalists with an iPhone 4 or later, iPad 2 tablets and later, or 5th generation iPod touch.  Within 24 hours of its September 18th release, more than 35% of iOS users had already updated to the new platform, a debut even more substantial than its predecessor iOS 6.  Just to put this remarkable rate of adoption into perspective, only 57% of Android users have updated to Jelly Bean, Android’s latest OS update, more than 450 days after its release.

With over 200 new features, however, many are still scratching their heads as to the particulars of all the latest updates provided in Apple’s latest iteration.  One of the most ubiquitous and interesting features of iOS 7, however, is AirDrop.

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