Monthly Archives: September 2013

Mobile Applications to Revolutionize Healthcare

We are living in an age of great technological strides in which countless innovative technologies are revolutionizing the way we manage and interact with our lives.  It is now a mobile oriented world, and consumers are demanding more and more mobile applications in order to streamline their daily living.  With that in mind, it is only natural that this demand would encompass an array of mobile applications related to optimizing health.
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Nordstrom: A Case Study in Mobile Point of Sale

Back in 2011, Nordstrom, a company renowned for it’s superior level of customer service, began testing mobile point of sale systems in its store locations.  Two years later, the system has taken on full-scale rollout and proven remarkably successful, prompting many other large scale retailers to take steady notice.  Recognizing the powerful potential of mobile POS early on, Nordstrom has lead the industry in adopting mobile POS as complement to more traditional cash registers.
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Native vs Web Apps- Native Apps Are Still King

There has been an unmistakable shift in software development favoring the mobile environment.  Consumers are adopting mobile devices at an extraordinary rate and are spending an increasing amount of time actively engaged with them.  Time spent using mobile apps is already starting to challenge television, accounting for an estimated 12% of American’s media consumption time and growing.  That being said, mobile app developers are racing to capture their business.
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